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Scholastic Readings Counts!

UX | UI | visual design

Scholastic Reading Counts! (SRC!) is an independent digital reading program for Grades K–12 that combines reading practice and assessment.  When translating the program to a tablet environment, the challenge was to create an experience that would engage and encourage a very tough crowd – struggling readers. So the entire app was redesigned from the logo, to content, and then to final design.

The old logo felt dated and no longer represented the direction of the brand.


The updated logo is sleak and modern. This change informed the design of every screen that followed.


Assessments are often a source of anxiety for struggling readers.
Our solution needed to get them excited to track their own progress.


To a reader who may be used to seeing failing grades,
a visual representation of achievement can be motivating.


Our new visual language felt more like a game and less like a test. Students responded favorably to early prototypes.


Instructionally flexible, mastery focused, and professionally written, SRC! is proven to develop reading skills, help raise test scores, and motivate students to achieve reading success.